Dream, or Nightmare?

American Mad Man was born in a dream or a Nightmare? I'm Pat Nevin creator of the hottest sports art and sports gifts site in the world! I take sports helmets to smash, crash, and bash them through doors, walls and plates of cast iron metal. Not really, but my artistic technique makes it look that realistic! Never in the history of the world has any sports decor looked so awesome in your home or office! Check out our super hot Dallas Cowboys gifts and you'll see how realistic it looks!

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We always have contest and give super cool gifts away absolutely Free! Please sign up on our Home Page to see the latest greatest products and receive super cool Free Nfl gifts, NCAA football gifts, and more! It's a great way to keep in touch and to have more of a personal relationship with you! I want to hear what you think would be cool to offer on our site, and how we can make things better! Your opinion matters very much! I like to think that you and I are more than just sports fans, but sports friends! Please be sure to sign up so I can share all kinds of cool things with you!

Any Sports Team You want!

Our sports art features Any Team You Want! Maybe our Green Bay Packers gifts are more up your alley! No matter what team you like, I am going to build you an art sculpture that will blow your mind! Choose from super hot NFL gifts, famous NCAA football gifts, and even teams like NHL gifts, MLB gifts, and killer NBA gifts. It's for what ever team you want, and created just the way you want! This art is for you, and is custom built just for you!

Lets Make Your Team Look Tough!

You see helmets of famous teams sitting on shelves, dressers, and coffee tables. Lets step it up and make your favorite teams helmet look tough! Burst that sucker right through your wall, door, or even cast iron metal! Well, it looks like that, but these cool art sculptures actually hang on your wall or door without any damage to your home! Look around the site and you'll see different versions of art such as our Alabama Crimson Tide gifts and super cool examples of the Ohio State Buckeyes gifts page.

You're Gonna Flip Out!

You and your friends will be in shock at how awesome your new sports art decor looks in your home or office! For example, look at our fantastic Dallas Cowboys gifts exploding through iron gates, sheet rock walls, and bedroom doors. What an awesome sight it is! Maybe you're more into NCAA football gifts, MLB gifts, or even NHL gifts? Check out the different products we build to see what style you like best and then contact us. Were here to build you an awesome sports piece you'll be proud of. I know you're gonna flip at how cool it looks in your home!

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American Mad Man is down right bad ass, but there are some very cute and funny gifts as well. Infact, you can have these gifts absolutely Free, or you can purchase them individually. Look at the Free and Fun page to see a world of very cool gifts found nowhere else in the world! You'll have just as much fun giving one of these gifts to a friend or family member as you would having one of these special gifts yourself! Feel free to contact us at any time please, I'm just a phone call or e-mail away! Pat Nevin 916-549-4159 Contact@AmericanMadMan.com